Sewer Department

The Sewer Department Team is responsible for maintenance of the Sewer Treatment facilities, maintenance and repair of sanitary sewage collection systems, the sewer laterals upto and including the connection to the main sewer line.

As per the Towns sewer use ordinance (Local Law Number 6 of 2001), it is illegal for sump pumps, roof drains, storm drains or water that is not considered sewage to enter sanitary sewer system. The cost of treatment and the potential of creating a public health hazard are greatly increased when additional water is added to the collection system. Please check your sewer for such connections and, if necessary, disconnect. If you have any questions or need to know where such connections can be discharged, please contact the Sewer Department Office at (518) 895-8920 ext. 108.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Andrew Dennis Head WWTP Operator (518) 898-8058
Corwin Viele WWTP Operator/Maintenance (518) 925-0713