Assessment Grievance Day

Assessment Grievance Day

2023 Grievance Day Information

The Town of Duanesburg will hold our Board of Assessment Review (BAR) meeting on Wednesday May 24, 4:00-8:00pm.  Appointments are encouraged but not required.  Please contact Cara at 518-895-8412 to schedule an appointment.  The BAR meeting will be held on the first floor of the town hall, please use the main entrance.

Completed assessment complaints must be received by 5/24/2023 to be considered.  Complaints can be submitted thought the mail or hand delivered.  All mailed complaints must be received by 5/24/2023.  Applicants are discouraged from emailing their complaints, if you do email your complaint please included your contact information in the email, state the total numbers of pages included in your complaint and call the assessor’s office the verify receipt of the complaint.

Make sure to include any and all supporting documentation with your complaint.  Examples of supporting documentation include, but are not limited to; a recent appraisal, photographs, sales data for comparable properties, property survey, real estate listings, income and expense information (commercial properties), lease agreements (commercial and rental property), etc.  Please submit any information which you believes helps to support your opinion of value for the property. 

Applicants are not required to attend the BAR meeting.  If you decide not to attend the BAR meeting your application and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the BAR.  The BAR’s determinations will be sent out by USPS on or before July 1st.

Please contact the assessor’s office with any questions.