Spectrum Cable update

The Town of Duanesburg joined with local towns from Schoharie County  have formed a  negotiating team to get the most out of the franchise agreement with our local cable/broadband provider Spectrum. We had several meetings over the last couple of years and was delayed by the merger of Time Warner and Charter which now is named Spectrum. With only having one service provider in our area the negotiations could get one sided but the team from Spectrum listened to our needs and we had lots of give and take between both groups. Our main focus in Duanesburg was to extend service to the residents whose roads are not wired at this time. Spectrum does not and has not provided additional roads to be served based on a franchise agreement. We have been able to bring to light the need for extension of service and they have been working with us to find areas where service could be extended at the least amount of cost to the residents. We have been waiting on the state to release the awards to providers for the phase 3 funding that the Governor has promised, there are a few area in town which are eligble for these awards and provided Spectrum with all the information they needed to help with secureing funding.

                As for the franchise agreement it isnt exactly what we as a town hoped for or need but without it we loose any protection from providers changing the rules when they seem fit. We will still receive a franchise fee each year from Spectrum and we intend on using those funds to help extend service in our town. We are forming a committee and we will be announcing the meeting dates in the very near future. There will be public hearing held on January 16th at 7 p.m. and will be held at the Duanesburg YMCA. Residents will be able to ask questions and voice opinions regarding the agreement.


Thank you,


Roger Tidball

Town Supervisor

Town Of Duanesburg


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